Training on Slip Risk MattersHistorically, few businesses have trained staff to understand slip risk. A few H&S Managers may see presentations "talking " about slip risk and "hydrodynamic squeeze film" but few appreciate how to measure or managing slip risk. Teaching staff will reduce accidents, reduce injuries and reduce claims. It will save you money in the short-term and it will reduce your risk of longer term problems caused by poor floors or poor cleaning.

Slip Prevention Workshops

We provide slip prevention training workshops for H&S managers, EHO's, cleaning staff, architects and for anyone involved in specifying or managing floor safety. These interactive an informative workshops include everyting you need to know to keep floors safe.  

New - Certificate in Slip Risk Asessment

We are pleased to announce that we now offer certificate courses in slip risk assessment. You can train your staff how to measure and manage slip risk in your business. We tailor the courses to the specifics of your business. 

Level One Certificate in slip Risk Assessment

Level one courses will help you to understand all of the slip risks specific to your business. We'll teach you about different measures of slip risk, the three layer model, and how to measure and manage slip risks. To gain the certificate you will need to demonstrate an understanding of slip risk causes on different flooring situations, to know what to look out for and to demonstate competence in measuring and managing the risks.

Level Two Certificate Risk Assessment

the level 2 course build on the learning from level one. Attendees on this course will need also to demostrate the ability to teach others and to demonstrate in practical situations how slip risk can be measured and monitored. You will need to show competence in identifying the correct slider types, and be confident testing slip risk on slopes and awkward places.

Level Three Certificate Slip Risk Assessment

The level three course extends the range of floor situations. You will learn about all types of flooring situations indoors and outdoors and the causes of slip risk. You will need to demonstrate confidence testing all types of flooring and looking for potential causes of risk. you will also need to demonstrate a godo understanding of the three layer model and the options avaialble to manage or reduce slip risk on different types of flooring.

Staff Involvement & Training

Procurement and all responsible for new flooring

The principles of sustainability and safety demand that floors will provide adequate slip resistance at the end of an economically reasonable working life.

Health and Safety Manager

Slip prevention has been the “Cinderella” of health and safety. H&S manager in every business need a slip prevention policy and management systems that align with procurement, cleaning and flooring maintenance. Each floor area should merit its own slip prevention compliance plan.

Cleaners, Operational Staff, Floor Maintenance

Small changes to the cleaning schedule, cleaning methods or cleaning materials can make a big difference to overall slip risk. Green cleaning can be safe. Property owners and Facility Managers must educate staff to fully understand and manage slip risks.

Did you know?:

When you slip, your foot accelerates away from you faster than Usain Bolt for up to 500mm before you land on your bottom where the slip started. 

Benefits of Staff Understanding Slip Risk

  • Staff involvement reduces claims
  • It encourages reporting of near misses
  • It encourages proactive monitoring of slip risks

Who is responsible for slip prevention in your business?

Training on Slip Prevention

  • Avoids potentially costly mistakes like over-specifying dry slip risk

  • Helps to avoid issues with floor purchasing and floor maintenance

  • Helps plan and manage an effective and safe cleaning regime

Flexible courses in slip testing and slip prevention focus on your business. 

Informed decision-making can prevent many needless slip injuries.

Slips can be prevented...

Slip Check LLP works with businesses all over the world to reduce slip risk. We work with supermarkets, shopping centre, leisure centres, flooring manufacturers and with anti-slip providers to help you understand and manage slip risk. It is our aim to reduce slip accidents and reduce slip injuries.

We offer training consulting on managing slip risk:

  • in-house workshops
  • open courses
  • consulting and risk assessment

Please feel free to contact us at any stage.