Weekly rental

Quickly test all your floors.
€360 per week + VAT + Carriage

Monthly Rental

Test all your floors before and after changes. €720 + VAT + Carriage

Annual lease

The easy way to monitor floor slip risk.
€1450 per year + VAT

Independent Slip Test

The most thorough independent and reliable slip test, with certificate of slip risk. From €250 + VAT

Pocket Guide to Slip Prevention

The brand new 24 page pocket guide. "Innovative", "Brilliant", "Read it cover to cover.", "Everyone should read this." - FREE

Slip Prevention Package NEW

A comprehensive slip prevention package including the new British Standard slip test unit, training for your staff and also tailored procedures for testing, floor cleaning and floor maintenance. Guaranted to reduce slip risks and to half the number of slip injuries in your business.
Contact Slip Checkfor details
Slip Prevention Programme NEW

Our new Slip Prevention programme guarantees easy ways to reduce slip accidents in your business. From €250 per month
Existing Customer Slip Prevention Programme NEW

if you already own a Slip Check then our new Slip Prevention programme is even better value and guarantees easy ways to reduce slip accidents in your business. From just €120 per month

Reconditioned Slip Check

Xx-hire, as-new, re-conditioned calibrated and warrantied for 1 year. We reserve reconditioned Slip Check units for small businesses, start-ups and slip prevention research projects.

contact Slip Check for details
Certificate of Floor Safety (NEW)

A comprehensive certificate of floor safety. Detailed assessment of the slip risk in all conditions, before and after cleaninga and in normal use.
From €250

Training - Slip Testing and Slip Prevention

World-leading best practice in slip prevention. Courses tailored exactly to your needs.

From €25 per head

contact Slip Check for details

Facilities Management Programme

Reduce your liabilities, assess floors at new sites, manage the risk at existing sites. This package will reduce your costs and will reduce slip acciodents and slipping injuries.
From €250 per month

Support / Maintenance / Calibration Package NEW

To include maintenance, repair, advice on slip testing and slip prevention, and annual calibration,
from £300 per year

Try before you buy

New customers only. Lease Slip Check for two months then upgrade to ownership. €899 initial payment

When you purchase we refund £350

All prices subject to VAT and carriage. Refundable deposit required on weekly and monthly rental