Most slip accidents can be prevented. For every serious slip accident, there are 40 minor slips. When someone slips on one of your floors, you have a duty to investigate and measure the slip risk before someone is injured.

Slip risk is affected by the floor surface, the mode of walking and by any contamination between you and the floor. Slip Check is designed to make it easy for you to measure the factors you can control: the slip resistance of the floor surface and the slip resistance including any contamination on the floor. 

Testing your floors is quick and easy with Slip Check. When you test your floors, you will find that different floors present different slip risk when wet or dry or affected by other contaminants. We will be happy to help you to understand and manage slip risks and to design a floor safety regime that saves you time, saves you money and reduces slip risk and slip accidents. Slip Check puts you in control.

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