Here are some Frequently Asked Questions : 

What can Slip Check do for you?
Reduce injuries and litigation, keep your floor safe, regular testing provides information that can reduce slip accidents.
Introduce and maintain floor safety regime.
Benchmark your floors clean both wet and dry
Test floors after every minor slip, Test floors after any change.
Measure newly installed floors to ensure that they are suitable for their intended use
To monitor the cleaning regieme and ensure that it is suitable
Monitoring of high traffic floors on a regular basis
Hire/Sale/Lease of Slip Alert Slip Testing Equipment

What is Slip Alert?
Slip Check measures the slipperiness of a floor in order to assess whether it is safe. Slip Check has been specifically designed to simulate a real slip and to correlate with the TRL Pendulum. Slip Check is very portable, comes in a handy carry case and comes with the support you need to significantly reduce slip risks in your business

Does Slip Check comply with a BS Standard ?
YES. BS 8204 Part 6 in paragraph 11.5 refers to both Pendulum (BS 7976:2) and the new Annex B of BS 8204 part 6 where Slip Check is fully described and states, "The values of slip resistance obtained with this device have been shown to correlate to those obtained with the Pendulum Tester of BS 7976

What does the HSE state about Slip Resistance metres?
Click this link to view the HSE STEP web site

Why should I test my floors? 
Slipping is a known major cause of injury in Ireland. Most businessess today are realising that slip prevention is the key to reducing many different types of accident and therefore reducing insurance costs and payments. You cannot assess the risk of slipping unless you can properly assess the slip resistance of the floor.

Is Slip Check reliable?
Slip Check was designed by Dr Malcolm Bailey who is the Chairman of both the British Standards Committee and the European Standards Committee dealing with slipping and the measurement of slip resistance. In tests against the TRL Pendulum, Slip Check has been proved to be a very acceptable substitute.

Why is it unique?
Slip Check is the only machine which has been specifically designed to correlate with the Pendulum, which has proven over many years experience to provide a reliable assessment of the slip resistance of flooring. Slip Check is significantly quicker to use than the Pendulum, ideal for measuring floors and testing large areas quickly and easily.

How often should I check my floors?
Once you have carried out an initial assessment with Slip Check you will know which of your floors might be classed as a potential problem and need to be looked at to see how they could be made safer. Floors can change their slip resistance due to two main factors: wear and cleaning (or lack of effective cleaning). Wear effects normally take place over months or even years, so monitoring may well be on a 3 or 6 monthly basis. However, cleaning effectiveness can change far more rapidly. In certain situations, such as food production industries with heavy contamination levels, it may be wise to check floors weekly or even daily.

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