About Slipcheck.ie

Slips accounted for 67% of personal injusry in Ireland last year. Slip Check provides onsite testing of floors to measure their Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF). The Coefficient of Friction is measured by determining the amount of force required to create the movement of an object across the surface.

The result of this measurement allows us to assess the risk of slip on a floor and provides our clients with a reassurance that their floors are safe for people to walk on or whether there is a need to take action to reduce the risk of slip.

We carry out independent measurements on all types of floors in all types of areas including:

Pedestrian Areas
Leisure Centres
Sports Stadiums
Swimming Pools
Shopping Centres
Schools & Colleges
Catering Areas
Pubs, Wine Bars & Coffee Shops
Sea Terminals
Coach Stations
Train Stations
Motorway Service Areas
Garage Forecourts
Car Showrooms

We can carry our Slip Resistance Testing and Reporting on a one off basis or as a periodic monitoring service.